Groep De Brauwer nv is responsable for approximately 18 % of the entire international trade of fresh pork sides of Belgium Trough the years Groep De Brauwer has built a sustainable relationship with their customers, by which customer satisfaction comes first. This is only possible to reach by fullfilling their expectations by 100 % Therefore quality and service are top priority, as offering a strong competive price as well. Additionally severe hygienemeasures are always followed and respected. Obtaining quality labels e.g. HACCP, BRC and BePork confirm our mindset, which reigns in every aspect within the production process.

Groep De Brauwer delivers within the EU to customers in different countries. Export outside the EU is possible as well.

Groep De Brauwer has the possibility to export to following countries:

  • European Union / EU
  • AU Australia
  • AZ Azerbaijan
  • BB Barbados 
  • BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • CA Canada
  • CL Chile
  • CN China
  • CU Cuba
  • PH Philippines
  • PF French Polynesia
  • GB Great Britain, Isle of Man and Channel Islands 
  • HK Hong Kong
  • IN India
  • JP Japan
  • KW Kuwait
  • MY Malaysia
  • MX Mexico
  • MD Moldova
  • ME Montenegro
  • NC New Calcedonië
  • NZ New Zealand
  • MK North Macedonia
  • UA Ukraine
  • QA Qatar
  • RS Serbia
  • SG Singapore
  • TW Taiwan
  • UY Uruguay
  • VN Vietnam
  • ZA South Africa
  • KR South Korea

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