About us

Groep De Brauwer is a strong company, and a reliable partner within the meatindustry that is ready for the future!

Groep De Brauwer nv has his roots as a prosperous family company, with experience that has been built up by 4 generations within the industry. These skills and extensive knowhow has been passed to a motivated and flexible team of employees. Groep De Brauwer has build a solid reputation since its foundation as partner for pig suppliers and provider on the national and international market. The pigs are being classified according the wishes and qualitystandards of customers, additionaly prompt feedback of slaughterdata is guaranteed towards the supplier. 25 000 to 30 000 pigs are being slaughtered by the most modern techniques. We continuously monitor our quality during the entire chain. At the same time we support close relationships with partners specialised in international transport and frozen storage.

Groep De Brauwer nv

Groep De Brauwer has interest in you as customer, but also in his customers, and the pig takes center stage. Groep De Brauwer goes for the extra mile.

Therefore Groep De Brauwer designed as one of the first in Belgium an online programm that provides the slaughter data towards his suppliers. Next the presentation of general slaughter data, in accordance with IVB, additional info is mentioned such as disapproved pigs, weak or light pigs, abnormalities of the animals, disapproved organs ( longues, liver).

This allows the supplier to adjust his production process which results into a win-win partnership for both parties, namely delivering a high quality pig.

Our strenghts in short.

  • High quality products based on the specifications of the customer.
  • Proper own transport of live stock
  • Location ( purchase with in a radius of 60 kilometers)
  • Direct contact with suppliers.
  • Transparent and clear communication
  • Detailled follow up of the slaughtered pigs
  • More than 40 years experience


Alfred De Brauwer has set ous the beacons in 1920 – for up untill now – prosperous company within pig trade. Whereupon Jacques De Brauwer, the youngest son of Julien De Brauwer, founded Groep De Brauwer together with his wife Nicole. Among Jacques and Nicole the business knew a big growth, and the company broke into the international market of selling pork sides.

At the end of 2013 it was decided to enter into a structural partnership with Groep Danis, a family business active in the agro-industry homebased in Koolskamp. Groep Danis is market leader in the field of pig manifacturing within Belgium. In July 2013 followed the acquisitiion of Exporslaughterhouse Decoster at Ruiselede.

These acquisitions allowed Groep De Brauwer, Exportslaugherhouse Decoster and Danis to strenghten eachother. This enforces an extensive vertical integration within the meat processing industry. The result, an even better monitoring of the chain and the realisation of an optimalized production, with the objective of growth.

De tagline of Groep De Brauwer nv “High Quality Meat from Belgium”.