Groep De Brauwer nv is specialised is fresh pork sides The pork sides are offered in different qualities, according to the specifications of the customer ( type, SEUROP- class, weight, meat percentage)

Groep De Brauwer nv

Groep De Brauwer nv is situated in Ruiselede, and has more then 40 years experience within pork trade, and is additionally known as one of the important pork- and meat wholesalers of Belgium.

We are specialised in pork sides, that we offer in different qualities, fresh and frozen. Next to our core business, you can find all sorts of by-products such as liver, tongues, hearts, feet- fresh and frozen.

Prices – week 09 (2024)

ISN (Geslacht)

€ 2.200

Week 9

€ 2.150

Week 8

Danis (Levend)

€ 1.580

Week 9

€ 1.530

Week 8

Next companies are also part of Danis Pork Masters


Exportslaughterhouse De Coster NV is a part of Groep Danis since 2013. Slaughtering is an important component of the process before we enjoy the taste of an delicious piece of pork meat on your plate. Slaugtering, on an animal-friendly way, guarantees an relaxed pig that transforms into a tasty piece of porkmeat.


NV Vannieuwenhuyse  is a family business that turned into leading cutting plant for pigmeat in Belgium.  The company masters the complete chain from purchasing live stock upto the farreaching cutting of porkmeatwpml_nbsp for a wide range of customers.


Groep Danis integrates all aspects of pork production into one company. Onze departments are perfectly complementary and form an integrated chain. Danis offers from genetics to feed, to sustainable breeding, slaughtering and cutting of pigs

High Quality Meat from Belgium

  • Groep De Brauwer strives on a daily basis for the highest quality in all aspects of the production process.
  • By a transparent follow-up and feedback of the slaughterdata for suppliers,a complete tracibility system, and by obtaining quality standards (BRC; HACCP)